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OC Hood Cleaning Reviews 3 Italian Restaurants in Orange County, California

Orange Co Restaurant ItalianFilomena’s Italian Kitchen & Market is located at 2400 Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa, California which is a city in Orange County, California.  Owner/Executive Chef, Chef Lina Johnson, opened Her first restaurant in 2013 then expanded in 2017 to create an Italian kitchen and market.

Chef Linda was raised in the suburbs of South Philadelphia and spent most of her time in the kitchen with her grandmother and aunt.  They would travel to an-open air Italian Market and visit all of the different markets purchasing only freshest ingredients for their special pastas and sauces.  They Italian Market in Philly still exists today and is frequented daily by top chefs in the city.  She had dreams of opening Filomena’s Italian Kitchen & Market since she was a child.

She is a hands on owner and like any good Italian mother she makes sure her patrons are happily fed.  She is passionate about helping the homeless in Orange County and appears as a guest chef at the annual Share Our Selves Celebrity Dinner.  Her reputation has preceded her and has given her a four-point-two-star rating online with over three hundred and fifty reviews.

Also located in Orange County in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita is II Sole Cucina.  Their head chef is Johnny Hernandez who graduated with a degree of public accounting at Puebla Mexico.

After he immigrated to the United State, Johnny Hernandez decided he did not want to be an accountant as turned to the food industry.  His first job was to study un Chef Luis Gomez and Ruth’s Chris Steak House Restaurant in Irving, California.  He was a quick learner and soon he was promoted to pastry chef at their restaurant in Anaheim.Orange Co CA Restaurant Photo

He switched direction again and started working un Chef Alessandro Pirozza at Cucina Alessa in Newport Beach.  There he quickly learned to hood authentic Italian food.  After working for a few other Italian chefs, he took a position at II Sole Cucina and hasn’t looked back.

Their appetizers and main dishes are colorful and inviting.  They get a strong four-point-five-star grade on the world wide web.  

Orange County has a lot of great restaurants like Piccolino Ristorante Pizzeria located at 28719 Los Alisos Boulevard in Mission Viejo, California.  The owner, Sal, grew up in Chicago in the late sixties.  His parents immigrated to America from Sicily to pursue the American Dream.

Orange Co California RestaurantPrior to moving to the United States, Sals father and mother had opened many restaurants in Sicily before leaving them behind to move to Chicago.  there they opened three Italian restaurants throughout the years.  When Sal was 12, his parents decided they didn’t care for the cold Chicago weather and decided to move back to their warm island of Sicily.  Sal tried running away but was returned to his parents by his Scout Master.  Sal told his parents he really wanted to move to California and visit all of the great amusement parks there.  So they decided to go to California for a month exploring the parks before they moved to Sicily.

They got to Italy in 1978 were Sals father immediately opened a restaurant.  Sal had worked in their restaurants along the way and had a dream to one day open his own restaurant.  He moved to California a few years later and never looked back.  Sal opened Piccolo Ristorante Pizzeria in 2007 fulfilling a lifelong dream.  

Sal’s reputation as a perfectionist in his restaurant has earned him close to five hundred evaluations giving his place a four-point-six-star rating.  

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