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Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares

La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 2Find out what happened when Gordon Ramsay visited Le Bistro and what has happened since Gordon left Le Bistro. We run a hood cleaning company and so we’re running into our own kitchens nightmares, so we’re fascinated by these stories.

Episode Recap

Le Bistro aired on March 11, 2010, the episode was filmed in July 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 6.

Gordon asks Andy to show off his food by cooking his signature dishes instead of him ordering items from the menu.

Gordon sees Andy afterward and tells him the food is too old-fashioned as it is stuck in the 80s and it is sad.

Gordon later observes the dinner service and notices that only one person takes orders as Andy won’t let the waiters take the orders.

An hour into the service and only a few orders have left the kitchen and almost immediately the food is sent back.

Andy is resistant to the customer’s feedback and refuses to correct the meal asking them to choose something else from the menu.

Andy defends his system saying since he is the only one cooking and only one person taking orders slows it down enough for him to be able to keep up.

Andy once again becomes defensive and says “are you looking for naked women dancing on the tables, what are you looking for?” to them.

The next morning, they all meet to see a new sign outside and the interior space has been opened up as the booths have been removed.

Gordon cooked side by side with Andy on the new menu dishes, which they present to the delight of the staff.

Andy was not responsive but when he is back to work he is communicating more and Hendrick is supporting him.

Revisiting Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares

Andy has changed a lot, he actually looks less tired and stressed! Gordon asks Andy to surprise him with his lunch, and Gordon thought it was delicious.La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 3

This may be a case of stubbornness as good quality. It may have taken forever for Gordon to break down the walls and get Andy to embrace change. But perhaps due to that same stubbornness, he’s stuck with it, unlike a lot of owners.

It was nice to see someone wake up, not just feign it on TV. It seemed so sudden and without the usual catastrophe to prompt it. But, of course, if he was just running his business, treating employees (and his wife), and delegating authority horribly. Since his problem wasn’t laziness, he didn’t have that to hold him back from making the necessary changes.

The Comment Section

“Folks, what matters is that Andy’s place is still open. If he were anything close to what he was, we would be seeing this place closed. Something has changed… give him that much. Whether he is in here commenting or not, being “open” seems to speak for all us consumers. Someone must like the food and service. Just my $0.02 worth.”

La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 4The man was able to turn his business around and make it a success. In we got a few snapshots at their lowest ebb. Yet us sitting at the other side of the screen are obliged by perceived free reign and requisite right to judge a man, his character, and his marriage, based on these few fleeting moments? Preposterous. I don’t know this man personally and conceivably nor do most that are commenting on him, his business, and his wife—even if we did I think we would be hard-pressed (nor be careless enough) to judge on the complexities of their marital dichotomy based off a 40-minute television docudrama. Perhaps one can draw disdain for the Owners or Ramsey’s on-air persona/personality but to make any further sweeping assertions surpassing the superficial based on the limited available information is tantamount to lunacy.”

“Genuinely shocked this one is still open. I thought for sure Andy’s ego would have him going back to his old menu rather than cook from someone else’s recipes.”

“His wife is a goddess and he is a jerk but at least he turned the business around after he was hit over the head (figuratively) a number of times.”

“Honestly one of the best chef transformations from Gordon’s kitchen nightmare. From angry Andy to relaxed and stubborn (on a positive note: for learning and sharing knowledge)Kudos to your success! Great team andy you and wife! God bless to your family and business!”

“Frankly, I think the poor man was depressed at the beginning and already blaming himself. Most men will justify themselves in that position. He’s not perfect, but he’s a real man for accepting – eventually – that change was needed. His wife knows him better than anyone else, and she didn’t leave. I’m really glad to see the outcome and if the place is still running, good. He obviously had good hygiene in the kitchen, as well. I never saw these shows on TV, so they are all new to me. There are some places that you know are never going to make it. But this guy is a hard worker and I hope they succeed for as long as they are in business.”

“After reading some of the clueless comments from some of you closet reality show shrinks, no wonder our country is such a mess. He disrespects his customers, his wife, and his staff. That isn’t being stubborn. He was a pompous bully and he needed to be brought down to size which Gordon did. He was a jerk and a bully.”

Le Bistro is still open over 7 years after filming. That in itself is enough evidence as to why Andy is not posting comments on here. He has a very successful business thanks to Ramsay’s help.”

“WOW Le Bistro is still open today with 4 stars on yelp?! Fantastic! Thanks to Gordon Ramsay’s guidance change Andy’s attitude to making a fabulous success in his restaurant. Keep your excellent job and happy new year 2019!!”

“This episode is a good example of editing magic. Andy seems to be a stubborn chef who won’t listen to anything GR or his customers say. Suddenly (seemingly for no apparent reason) he changes 180 degrees. As a couple of people have already said, most likely he was not as stubborn or stuck in his old ways as he was made out to be. It is possible that unrelated comments were spliced together with Ramsay’s criticism which made it look like Andy would not listen. I think perhaps he did not agree with some of GR’s criticism. Nonetheless, if he was truly the way he was at the beginning then his sudden transformation makes no sense, especially since nothing drastic happened that would explain the sudden transformation. I’m glad the restaurant is not only open but doing very well, something that is rare with these Kitchen Nightmares businesses.”

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